Passengers can register for the service and
arrange or cancel rides by calling one telephone number
880-0100 extension 1
Registering for the service 
How do I get started?

Riders are asked to register in advance for the bus service. Registering is easy and includes completing a short application form and returning  it to the Nashua Transit office. 


To obtain a registration form, please call 880-0100 extension 1 or see below to print a copy of the application.

To view or print
the Service Application 



Arranging a ride 


What information do I need to schedule my ride?

·  Your full name

·  Your telephone number

·  The date of your trip

·  The pick-up address

·  The drop-off address

·  Whether you use a mobility             device (i.e. cane, walker etc)

·  The times you would like to             arrive at and return from your         destination

·  Whether a PCA or guest will be     riding with you

How far in advance can I schedule my ride?

Call at least 2 business days in advance on weekdays 8AM-5PM to schedule your ride. For example, rides needed on Monday must be scheduled by the previous Thursday; rides for Wednesday must be scheduled by the previous Monday. Riders can call up to two weeks in advance to schedule a ride.

Changing or Canceling a ride 
What if I no longer need a ride or want to change a ride?
It is very important that you call NTS if you are not going to need a scheduled ride at least 24 hours before your scheduled ride.
When a passenger fails to provide at least 24-hour notice of a cancelation, it not only disrupts service, but may prevent NTS from being able to accommodate another passenger’s request.
Riders with frequent late cancelations or no-shows jeopardize their privilege to use the bus service, add to the cost of operating the service, and disrupt the bus service’s efficiency.
To change or cancel a ride
call 880-0100 extension 1