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New Service @ SHARE Outreach in Milford

The Lamprey Health Care Mobile Clinic will be at the SHARE Center on Tuesday afternoons 1:30-4:30 pm. No appointments needed! To read more click here

Important information about rides for Covid-19 vaccinations (click to expand)

In a pinch and need a ride to get your Covid-19 vaccination?

Nashua Transit is able to provide rides to eligible

Souhegan Valley residents for appointments at the

Nashua High School South vaccine site on weekdays between 10AM and 3PM

Reminders - You need to have an appointment already scheduled for the Covid-19 vaccination

and remember to bring a photo ID or other approved proof of residency as required by the State of NH.

For more information - NH Covid-19 website FAQs

How the NTS rides work:

Registering for the service & scheduling your ride:

  • Prior to scheduling a ride, you must be registered with the Nashua Transit System (NTS). Application forms are available online at www.SouheganValleyRides.org (click here) or call NTS at (603) 821-2030 for more information.

  • After you have been notified that your application has been processed at NTS, please call (603) 880-0100 extension 2 to schedule your ride.

  • To schedule your ride you must call no less than two weekdays before the date the ride is needed. Even better, call well in advance! This helps us with scheduling as many rides as possible!

  • Once your ride is confirmed at NTS, you will be notified of your pickup window.

On the day of your appointment:

  • Please be ready to go at the beginning of your pickup window.

  • Please be aware that there may be other passengers on your trip. This is a shared ride service but during the pandemic seating is limited to a maximum of four people per vehicle.

  • The fee for travel is $2.00 each way. Please be sure to bring exact cash to pay your fare. Our drivers are unable to make change.

  • The driver will bring you to the Nashua vaccine location where you must have an appointment and a photo ID or other approved proof of residency. You will not need to exit the van. The nurse will give you the vaccination on the van and will provide you with your 2nd appointment date and time.

  • The driver will then transport you back home.

Souhegan Valley - NTS Covid-19 Rides Flyer

Souhegan Valley Rides

Souhegan Valley Rides (SVR) is a "dial-a-ride" type demand response bus service available to residents of Amherst, Brookline, Hollis, Milford, Mont Vernon and Wilton NH.

To register click here for a copy of the application form

(Pre-registration is required to schedule a ride)

The focus for this service is on providing transportation to non-emergency health care appointments and assisting those in greatest need – elderly residents, those living with a disability, and residents who are unable to drive. Other residents may use the service as space is available in the schedule.

When scheduling conflicts arise, priority is given to rides needed by Senior Citizens and Persons living with a disability and for non-emergency healthcare related appointments.

Souhegan Valley Rides was organized and implemented by
the Souhegan Valley Transportation Collaborative (SVTC) in 2008.

The buses, drivers, and call center services used to provide rides in the Souhegan Valley are purchased from the Nashua Transit System.
To learn more about NTS and public transit services in the City of Nashua, click HERE to visit the NTS website.

The new NTS van - a little smaller but with all the same amenities and safety features

Might be seeing these new rigs soon in the Souhegan Valley!

Celebrating #EarthDay2021 with a very special sneak peek! Coming Soon! Nashua Transit will be replacing 2 of their oldest diesel-powered passenger vans with 2 new #ElectricHybrid vans! Vehicles have been funded by FTA’s Low/No Emissions Grant program! #BigBlueGoesGreen

Coronavirus Update January 2021

SVTC and NTS share a No. 1 primary concern - The safety of all of our passengers and staff. Since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, NTS has been implementing and refining a series of safety measures. SVTC has contributed to those efforts by arranging for hundreds of cloth and disposable face masks to be donated for use by passengers and staff.


  • Reduced Capacity: Buses will run with a significantly reduced passenger capacity to maintain physical distancing.

  • Safety Barriers: Barriers have been installed in the front of all buses to limit driver-passenger interactions. These Plexiglas dividers allow an added layer of protection for the driver, while still allowing passenger access to the fare box at the front of the bus.

  • Hand Hygiene: Hand sanitizer dispensers have been installed on all vehicles for passenger use.

  • Face Masks: All passengers are asked to wear face coverings while while traveling on all NTS vehicles and at all NTS facilities per the City of Nashua Ordinances #O-20-018 and #O-20-029. and applicable Federal and State mask mandates.

  • Physical Distancing: Passengers are asked to maintain a physical distance of 6 feet whenever possible. Signage has been placed on seats to notify passengers where to sit in order to maintain safe distance from others.

  • Daily Cleaning: NTS continues to clean and disinfect all vehicles and facilities on a daily basis.

  • DO NOT ride if you feel ill: Passengers are asked to not ride the bus if feeling ill or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, or if they have been exposed to a known case of Covid-19 in the past 14 days.

For more information about NTS's safety measures and protocols, please click here to visit their website.

Do you have Medicaid health insurance?

Did you know that people who have Medicaid health insurance can get help to arrange and pay for non-emergency medical and healthcare related transportation?

If you have Medicaid insurance, please contact your Medicaid insurance provider and inquire about arranging rides for non-emergency medical or healthcare appointments.

Below are helpful links for more information about the Medicaid transportation benefit:

State of NH – Department of Health and Human Services Click Here

NH Care Path Click Here

Medicaid Managed Care - Well Sense Click Here

Medicaid Managed Care - NH Healthy Families Click Here

30,000th Ride Celebration Dec. 2018
Unable to drive due to recent health problems, passenger Steven V expressed his gratitude for the service and stated “It is a great service! I don’t know what I would do without it right now.”

Souhegan Valley Rides was implemented to address a documented need for affordable, non-emergency, wheelchair-accessible healthcare related transportation in our region. The bus service was founded on grassroots, regional cooperation and is overseen by representatives from the participating communities through the Souhegan Valley Transportation Collaborative (SVTC).

By working together, our communities will be more successful in establishing sustainable community transportation options and, in doing so, improve the quality of life in our Souhegan Valley hometowns.

Souhegan Valley Rides has experienced steady growth in ridership and continues to roll forward thanks to continued investment and support from our communities, the Federal Transit Administration through the NH Department of Transportation and the Greater Nashua Regional Coordinating Council for Community Transportation

As of January 31, 2021 Souhegan Valley residents have taken 37,763 rides!!

“The Blue Bus” is more than a just a ride service. It is a way for residents, especially senior citizens and neighbors living with a disability, to be as independent as possible, to accomplish their daily activities, and to remain engaged in their communities.
- Carol Brooks, Milford