Riding the Bus

Important How-To-Ride Tips & Reminders About Passenger Responsibilities

NTS and SVTC are committed to making this service friendly, convenient and comfortable

for all of our passengers. To help us, please keep in mind:

How can you help us and how can you avoid penalties?

· Please be prompt and ready for the bus to arrive. Remember the drivers can only wait 5 minutes for a passenger to board the bus

· Only schedule rides you plan to take

· Call in advance to cancel rides you no longer need

Helpful Hint: There is more space available in the schedule for shopping rides on Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays! Try shopping earlier the week! For safety reasons, NTS will continue to limit each passenger to only two shopping bags.

Helpful Hint: Allow extra time for medical appointments or other appointments that may take longer than expected. This will reduce the extra costs of sending an additional vehicle.

Helpful Hint: Don’t hesitate to ask the office staff at your appointment location for help making a call to adjust your pick-up time. They want you to be able to get home safely too.

Helpful Hint: When scheduling your appointments and rides, be sure that the place you are going to will be open when the bus drops you off at that destination. Given our New England winters, this is important to remember for your safety and health.

  • For the comfort and safety of all passengers, eating, drinking, smoking and the use of other tobacco products are not permitted in the vehicles.

    • Radios and cell phones are a distraction to the driver and other passengers, EARPHONES only, please.

    • All passengers are required to wear a seatbelt or have their wheelchair secured by the driver.

    • Once you are inside the vehicle, the driver will assist you with your seatbelt, if requested, and secure your wheelchair if you have one.

    • Please be prepared to meet the vehicle at the curb if you do not need assistance. If you do need assistance getting to the vehicle, and have told us so, please be ready at the building entrance door that you specified while making your reservation.

    • When boarding, please have the EXACT FARE ready. The drivers cannot make change.

    • The vehicle may arrive anytime within a thirty (30) minute “pick-up window” - up to fifteen (15) minutes before and fifteen (15) minutes after your scheduled pick-up time. For example, if your pick-up time is scheduled for 9:00 AM, the vehicle will arrive between 8:45AM and 9:15AM.

    • Disruptive, discourteous or destructive behavior cannot be tolerated and could result in a passenger losing their privileges to use the bus service.

For the comfort and safety of everyone riding the bus,

please adhere to all of the Nashua Transit System’s rules and regulations.

Thank you!

How you can help us be able to provide as many rides as possible -

Please be ready and on time for your scheduled pick-up. Please call at least 24-hours in advance if you need to cancel or change a scheduled ride. The sooner you can call to change or cancel a ride, the better. But do call – it is better to call and cancel than to have the bus arrive and you not show up!

No Shows: Timely service and efficiency are disrupted when the vehicle bus arrives at a scheduled pickup and the rider is not ready or does not take the trip.

Late Cancellation: call at least 24-hours in advance whenever possible. When a passenger fails to provide at least 24-hour notice of a cancellation, it not only disrupts service, but may prevent NTS from being able to accommodate another passenger’s request. Cancellations made less than 2 hours before a scheduled pick-up time will be considered No-shows.

Incorrect Address: Service is disrupted when a passenger gives the Call Center an incorrect pickup or drop off address or fails to give notice of a change in address.

Repeated No Show, Late Cancellation or Incorrect Address infractions could result in loss of riding privileges.